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Asthma prevention is keeping asthma from happening or arising. Asthma is a disease that affects the airways which transport air in and out of the lungs. Preventive measures are necessary to reduce the chances of attacks. These attacks occur when an asthma patient is exposed to conditions that expose him or her. Such conditions include the weather, allergies to animals, air pollutants, smoking, dust among others.There are various medications that are used for this purpose. Preventer inhalers is one of them. This is used frequently to stop an attack from happening. The inhaler helps to de congest the lungs and allow for air to flow freely in and out. They ease the tightness from the chest. The chances of an attack are reduced. Asthma prevention is important because the patient is at a lower risk of making the disease severe.Asthma prevention can also be controlled by therapies. This is done on a frequent basis as a routine. The therapy provided eases the lungs reducing the chances of having an attack. Asthma therapies are provided to both adults and children. There are also preventive measures that can be taken to reduce any chance of one being affected by the disease. Being a disease that has many causes some can be prevented. The only cause that is beyond prevention is hereditary cases.While when it comes to other causes such as allergies and eczema, one is also able to find out the cause of a negative reaction to the body, smoking, this can be avoided by not smoking especially when it comes to pregnant mothers. This is to avoid affecting the unborn child or exposing it to higher chances. Environmental pollution can be avoided by living in a conducive and safe environment. We can therefore say that asthma prevention is possible to some extent.

Asthma is a disorder affecting the air ways of the lungs or bronchioles. Chronic inflammation of the air ways makes a person asthmatic. When a person is attacked by asthma, the air ways or passages of lungs become swollen and filled with mucus. This leads to narrowing of the air ways. Also the muscles with in air ways contract and the air ways are further narrowed down. The narrowing of air ways results in much difficulty in exhaling or breathing out air. As asthmatic attack restricts or obstructs the exhalation of air, it is also known as obstructive pulmonary disease. Asthma is more severe in childhood and youth and the severity decreases as the person ages. It is not possible to cure asthma, but it can be kept under check. The common symptoms of asthma include breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, and difficulty in speaking and chest tightness.Causes of AsthmaAn asthmatic is like to have attacks in response to some common triggers like1. Inhaling polluted air2. Exposure to tobacco3. Exposure to wood smoke4. Inhaling respiratory irritants like certain perfumes.5. Acid reflux6. Exposure to cold weather7. Sulfites, an additive in certain food items.8. Breathing in certain allergens like dust, molds or animal danders.9. Stress or any other intense emotional excitement.10. Physical exertion.People with chronic respiratory infections like cold and flu, bronchitis or sinus, those suffering from Hay fever and eczema are more prone to develop asthma. Those having a family history of asthma, have every possibility of getting the disease. Also the occurrence of asthma is closely linked with a woman’s menstrual cycles.Home Remedies for Asthma1. One suffering from asthma may hold a jug of honey below his or her nose and take in the smell. He or she will soon be able to breathe better.2. One may consume 3-4 figs a day to get relief from asthma. Figs help in draining out the accumulated mucus.3. 5 grams of Indian gooseberry juice mixed with 1 tablespoon honey makes a beneficial medical tonic for patients of asthma.4. Drinking the juice of one lemon mixed with honey after meals is an effective home remedy for asthma.5. One may make a paste of the roots of bitter gourd, mix equal amounts of honey and juice of basil leaves to it and take the mixture once every night. It produces amazing results in controlling asthma.6. One may prepare soup of drum stick leaves by boiling a bunch of drum stick leaves in 180 ml water and add salt, pepper and lime juice to taste. Taking the soup regularly cures asthma.7. One teaspoon of dried and powdered safflower seeds mixed with honey may be taken thrice a day. This treats asthma by liquefying the sputum.8. Half teaspoon of Bishop’s weed may be added to a glass of butter milk and drunk twice a day. It drains out the phlegm. A hot poultice of bishop’s weed seeds may be placed on chest to enable easy breathing.9. Ten garlic cloves boiled in 30 ml milk relieves asthmatic symptoms. Drinking fuming ginger tea with 2 minced garlic cloves added to it twice a day is also an effective remedy for asthma.10. Inhaling the steam by adding ajwain in boiling water also minimizes the severity of asthma symptoms by widening the bronchial passage.11. Intake of fresh ginger juices added to a fenugreek decoction proves quite helpful in treating asthma.

Evidences say that about three fourth of the hospital admissions due to Asthma can be prevented as opined by Lahdensuo (1999). As prevention is always preferred over therapeutic measure the first strategy of the registered nurse would revolve around educating Jack about the potential threats of the disease and the aggravating factors for this disease. The registered nurse must ensure the factors which have the potential to trigger the event of onset of the symptoms. As the interview with the patient shows that the patient’s condition gets aggravated with hard work or when subjected to physical stress the patient should be well advised to avoid such tasks and also be aware that these factors add to the respiratory insufficiency. According to Gibson, Powell et al (2009) self management education for asthma can be beneficial from several contexts. As Jack is advised to use preventer and reliever inhaler for control of the onset of the symptoms, he should always keep them for controlling the situation in case immediate medical help is not available. Jack should also be taught about the self management skills and what is the appropriate step to take in case situation goes out of control due to worsening conditions of asthma or frequent awakening at night due to non productive cough and restlessness . Apart from physical stress smoking, exposure to dust or pollen or cold weather conditions might be triggering agents for asthma. Hence the registered nurse should consider these points and educate the patient on how to tackle such situation. While in a community based practice the other participating community members should understand the grave condition of asthma and should be educated what emergency measures can be taken to prevent the a member from further deterioration of his/her condition. While a community member faces an asthmatic attack, what is the role of another member who without asthma symptoms should be known to him/her and he/she should be able to take a role and report to the healthcare team member depending on their availability but as soon possible. According to Hovell, Meltzer (1994) the use of peak flow meters by the patients should be ensured and also the patients should be encouraged by the registered nurse to maximize the use of the peak flow meter as much possible. A better knowledge of self management techniques can considerably lower the risk of hospitalization and ensure lesser discomfort, prevention of onset of asthma and decrease in morbidity. Sometimes a caregiver might also be trained in a community based program for elderly patients who are at bigger risk of the disease and might need more attention. While planning the community program the involvement of community members and a group orientation might be required when the community members are different cultural or ethnical backgrounds. As soon as the firs sign of the asthma occurs the immediate reorganization and self intervention methods should be adopted. If the registered nurse effectively trains the individuals and in group about the self intervention techniques, the evaluation of the training programs show good outcomes. This article has been carefully written by the team at http://myassignmenthelp.co.uk. The assignment help website has many experts in nursing area, who have immense experience in providing nursing assignment help to students of Australia, UK and USA. The assignment help writers are native English speakers and have good knowledge of the subject. You can visit the website for the nursing assignment help and assignments in other subjects as well.

If you aren’t aware of what triggers your allergies or asthma attacks then it’s important to find out what they are so you can limit or even avoid them. The tricky part is not everyone has the same triggers and many of yours may be unknown and not easily apparent to you. Preventing asthma and getting relief from asthma symptoms is possible if you can identify your asthma and allergy triggers.Since your triggers and how they affect you can be rather complex, it can take a bit of effort to discover them. Perhaps one of your known triggers for example, dog dander, doesn’t always cause the same reaction each time you are exposed to it and your reactions can vary from just a few sneezes to bad wheezing. When the dander causes a strong reaction it could be that it was also combined with other triggers, some of them may be new or unknown, like a new cleaning product, perfume or food. It could also be on a day when you were feeling more stress, tired or you are fighting a cold or virus. We’ll show you ways of tracking down your elusive triggers which will help you with asthma relief and even prevention of asthma.For this reason it is beneficial to start keeping a journal for several days to a week or more to help you trace and reveal your triggers. Make a note of any things that happened, like an argument or stressful issue you had to deal with. Keeping track of how you felt when you woke up and throughout the day along with your energy levels is very helpful.Often the weather can play a role, so noting if it was or cool and rainy or warm and humid is relevant. Was your environment moldy or musty smelling or was there flowers blooming nearby? Was there renovations going on in your building or smoke coming from one across the street? If you exercised that day how did you feel and what if any things seemed to bother you? Next making note of the foods you ate and drank throughout the day and include any food additive or dyes if possible. Did your favourite food cause any kind of reaction after you finished it? Foods or grooming products that we habitually use with no problems at all can suddenly become a major irritant.A pattern should emerge after a few days that will reveal many of your previously hidden asthma triggers. You will find that often it is possible to eliminate, reduce or avoid many of them altogether. Doing so this will help to prevent an asthma attack.When you have triggers that are not possible to eliminate or control, particularly those that are in a public space or environment like work or school, etc. then you will need to consider a natural asthma treatment program.

Herbal remedies: Herbs are very old and historical products. Natural herbs are very special and unique that can be used for various purposes. Huge amount of people adequate to go with natural herbs. Because of its effective output, which does not have side effects. Its a perfect blend of leaves and its sequential essence for long lasting applications. Herbal products are very much popular in various fields like cosmetics, medicines. Can also used to reduce weight loss, hair loss it spread wings throughout world. Lot of Ayurveda treatments can act for health care even natural herbal treatments can cure asthma,cancer. Mainly for this medical treatments plants, leaf, spices, herbs are grown up with natural sunlight with ecological balance. They know the valuable medical products becoming rare and too costly. This adds happiness to us and people who are in need of it. In modern world it can be used more for cosmetic products which leads no side effects. In manufacturing units they collect and stock the herbs mainly to dry raw materials for preparation. Such as am-la, nee m, aloe-Vera are highly effective for moisture during winter. Herbs are always endless.Am-la mainly used healthy remedy for women to get wellness, various disorders for women to enhance their health. Ayurveda treatments are also used for male and female even to regain reproductive system. Awesome long hair – In order to get long hair women always prefer to go along herbs, oils to give growth faster. Obviously Various foreign agencies get to know about our Indian products, to increase marketing strategy. Asthma is a fast growing disease which spread by air, also very common disease, we can go for some natural remedies to cure them as soon as possible. Diet and food are strictly prohibited which says nowadays people prefer to eat more junk foods for reducing cooking time. Having more burgers like more than 4 or per day leads to wheezing and asthma, also leads to obesity which is highly dangerous. Research says frequent burger eating could lead to raise the risk of asthma along with wheezing. Nutritional food always takes you higher and higher without risk. A heavy meals itself has no boundaries which adds more nutritional feeding.If you’re seeking hot and cold therapy comfort, you’ll enjoy the treatment of our Hot & Cold Therapy treatments. In Soothing Meadow website, you will find a wide variety of reusable hot and cold therapy products with essential healing elements. Many of the products have the ability to be used for both cold and hot therapy. Additionally, most of the hot and cold packs are designed for specific areas of the body, such as the back, abdomen, joints and eyes. Depending on your needs, you can review the products by body area for your healing therapy preferences.

The inhalation of Entocort is to reduce asthma attacks. The usage of Entocort for you is on the direction of doctor. Entocort is known as an inhalation steroid. The inflammatory mediators that are released in the body are prevented through Entocort. Using of EntocortA special inhaling device is used to inhale this medicine in to the lungs. The medicine is provided by the doctor and one should use following his directions. The patient information leaflet is available for medicine named Entocort for the patient to use in an easy manner. For surety of the medicine consult your pharmacist or read the information leaflet again repeatedly. After loading of the dose breathe it out. The medicine should be kept between the mouth piece of your lips and should be breathed deeply and rapidly through your mouth. As you breathe in, the drug would be inhaled. The breath should be hold for 10 seconds till it reaches the lungs and subsequently exhale slowly. Precaution should be taken for not exhaling the drug into the device.Certain points should be kept in mind if you are on more than one inhaler. Between two subsequent inhalations, maintain a gap of 1 minute. If you are on several inhalers, Entocort should be the last one to be inhaled. Also remember, there should be a gap of several minutes from the last inhaler before breathing in Entocort.Make a practice of rinsing your mouth after each inhalation to prevent hoarseness and dryness of mouth. Caution should be taken that the rinsed solution should not be swallowed.Good oral hygiene is to be practiced while consuming the medicament so as to prevent the mouth infections. To take the best mileage of this medicine, ensure to take it at regular intervals that are basically in mornings and in evenings. Entocort should be stored between 68 degree Fahrenheit to 77 degree Fahrenheit.Entocort is a well known drug and at the same time it is widely considered as the best option for most of the strange diseases that you might come along. It is always advised to buy these drugs at a reputed canadian pharmacy, as you can save a lot of time and money.