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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 | Employment

Do You Need a Skid Loader?

The unmistakable characteristic of skis loaders is the sheer variety of attachment options available. The options enable the skid loader to perform numerous tasks with a single durable equipment. For skid loaders, the typical attachment would be a bucket, the bucket is detachable. Once the bucket is removed, the user may attach other alternatives so the machine can perform other functions. The common usage of a skid loader, when installed with just the bucket, is for moving and lifting all sorts of heavy items.

Uses of a Skid Loader


It may come as a surprise to some, but skid loaders are more than capable of performing excavation tasks. Just change the attachment from a bucket to something more suitable for the job like trenchers, rippers, wheel saws or tillers.

Snow Clearing

The skid loader, with the bucket attachment, can be used in clearing built up snow. In case the bucket just won’t cut it in more serious conditions, the user can attach a snow blade or snow blower instead of a bucket.

Digging and Trenching

Some of the most popular uses of a skid loader involve digging where users go for attachments like trench diggers, backhoes, and an auger which is basically a kind of corkscrew the burrows holes with precision.


The common attachments for users who plan to do some landscaping are tree spades, wood chippers, stump grinders, and trench diggers; attachments like these turn a skid loader into a great machine for landscaping. Meanwhile, bale spears and pallet forks turn it into a great machine for various warehouse tasks.


Attach a pavement miller or cement mixer on a skid loader, then you have a handy machine for construction and building work.

In the majority of worksite setups, there will almost always be attachments that turn a skid loader into a helpful machine for relevant tasks. It’s crucial that the skid loader operator or you, as the user, are updated with the safety and maintenance guidelines involving the attachment and the skid loader itself in just about any project.

Should You Rent a Skid Loader or Purchase One?
Regardless if you’ll go for skid loader rental OKC or buy a skid loader, the decision is heavily based on the frequency and sheer size of the project. Take into account that the same decision process will be repeated for the attachments; the attachments can be rented or bought separately.

After considerable thinking and evaluation, if you may realize that most of your projects involve some kind of use for a skid loader, then purchasing one may be a good investment. Do consider that owning a skid loader has a different set of costs; since you own it, you have to upkeep and maintain it, costing a few thousand dollars annually. There’s a high chance that each project will require a different attachment, buying each one will cost a small fortune; remember, attachment have their own maintenance.

If your skid loader usage isn’t that frequent, it’s better to just rent one. Prorating the cost of the rental ensures that you’re paying for only the time that you used it, saving you the hassle of buying a machine and attachment that you may use only once.

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