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How to Treat Toenail Fungus

Sunday, April 18th, 2021 | Health Care & Medical

Hey Foot Geekz fans it’s CJ here with Dr.

Heather Van der Geest I’m a naturopathic physician here in

And today we want to talk about fungal infections.

Either toe fungus or toenail fungus or the other thing which is called
athlete’s foot and really trying to figure out how to treat that through
natural means.


Naturopathic medicine has many different ways to help
treat athlete’s foot and fungal infections and it’s not just treating it
at the site but actually treating it throughout the entire body.

Usually if we
have a fungal infection on the foot it may just be on the foot but it may
also actually be throughout the rest of the body and that may, it’s also called
Candida at that point.

Candida? Which is like an overgrowth of yeast.

An overgrowth of yeast? So, don’t name your child that name.

(Laughing) Doesn’t even sound pretty now that you know what it is.

So, when, yeah, if somebody’s coming in
with athlete’s foot or a toenail fungal infection it could be from the shoes
that they’re wearing.

So that may be that they’re in socks all day their foot is
actually getting sweaty and it’s never actually getting that chance to dry out.

Fungus and yeast love hot, warm, wet environments and that’s why you see on
the feet a lot of fungal infections.

So getting people into like shoes that are
more like airy so like wearing flip-flops I don’t know you may have



Sandals, I mean switching your shoes on a daily basis as well, right? I
mean obviously you do want to change, definitely your socks.

If it’s really bad
maybe twice a day, but at least once a day, right? Just to make sure that you
don’t fungal infections growing inside the
sock and the next day when you get into the shoe with those socks on it’s
going to cause you to have all that bacteria and all that junk inside
the sock that you don’t want to have there but other than that, making sure
you can clean you feet and dry it in between your toes as well I find
that’s really important.

Just because if you don’t dry in between the toes and
you start to kind of get you know all that flaking and the skin opening up
which can mean resulting in more infections getting into the foot right
because now you have open lesions and stuff.

Yeah, and depending on the age
of the patient I also take that into consideration when I see people.

So, young people definitely have a lot better circulation then as we get older and
especially into our extremities.

So, I mean for the most part to keep us alive
we need it mostly within our like, our core but we also need that circulation
down to our feet into our hands and if we’re not getting that circulation
that’s also when we don’t get that same healing response and for wounds
to take longer to heal if we don’t have that good circulation.


So again this is where I might actually recommend, yeah, drying between the toes, making sure the feet are really dry, putting on new socks and also doing
foot baths and those foot baths if we alternate between hot and cold it brings
the circulation into the feet when we have that hot and then when we put them
in the cold water it contracts all the blood vessels to pull any of those
toxins that have come down or that we want to flush back out and get out of
our body that cold constricts all those vessels in the feet and it allows
it to come back to the heart and then our body to actually like process to get
rid of that this stuff that’s no longer necessary in those cells.

So, alternating that back and forth between the hot foot bath and the cold
foot bath it can be very beneficial for bringing that circulation in then
contracting and taking it out along with anything that we don’t need and then
bringing that circulation in and then closing it up again.

Yeah, the hot and cold foot baths are also great to help improve how your sweat glands work
just because of the fact that you’re training the foot to kind of be able to
withstand hot and cold and then allow the body to figure that out again.

Oh, excellent, that’s a great tip.

I also find that putting like tea tree oil a little bit not too much so that you don’t burn the
skin but a little bit of tea tree oil in and it acts as an antimicrobial and

It’s a really strong kind of like natural medicine.

How many drops per gallon would you recommend? Maybe two or three.

Two or
three drops per gallon.

Just enough that it’s just gonna, ya, be able to like help
the feet, any kind of drop just don’t put it directly on the skin, dilute it in
water is a good way to do it.


And what about diet? Absolutely diet is
huge in this case.

So, if we’re talking about a
fungal infection or we’re talking about any kind of like athlete’s foot we’re
also wanting to treat the entire body as if it’s through the entire body we may
not notice it like we do on our foot but it’s really important to have really
healthy nutritious foods and to get rid of the things that the yeast feed on.


So that would be like simple sugars and wheat again, because
we can definitely, it just like ferments and wheat is also made of yeast.

Wheat and then simple sugars would be just the white sugar basically? Yeah, anything
that’s very like simple inflammatory, anything that raises blood sugars if we
have any like blood sugar disregulation that also causes yeast and bacteria to
grow because they feed on those sugars whether it be in the bloodstream or from
the foods we eat.

Excellent, anything else you want to add? No, I think that’s it.

you have it it’s so much easier to deal with if we treat it early and then
you don’t have to go on as many kind of like antifungal pharmaceutical drugs and
yeah so you can definitely prevent it and treat it early and it’s a lot easier
to kind of get control of before it gets out of control.

Awesome, now if you have any other questions regarding fungal
infections or toenail fungus please post your questions below.

I’d be happy to
maybe respond to that in another video and if you haven’t subscribed to us yet
on YouTube, do so right over that way.



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