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Successful Singer and Actress Shares Her Blessings to Family

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Angel has definitely become a household name since her TV series began to air about a week ago. Although she is first and foremost a singer, Angel does not deny that she is enjoying her stint as an actress these days. She is grateful to have been given a rare chance to work with the best actors and actresses around. She realizes that what she enjoys now is a blessing that only very few are given and so she can’t stop thanking all the people who have been helping her since day one. Angel shares everything she has now with her adoptive mother and brother. Today, Angel willingly takes on the responsibilities as head of the family. Aside from giving them a nice home and providing for all their basic needs, Angel also sends her brother to one of the best schools in the city. Whenever she has time, Angel personally sees to it that her brother religiously does his homework. Recently, Angel did a little tutoring for his beloved brother. It’s a good thing that she still remembers her lessons on decimal fractions and dividing fraction until now. Actually, it is her dream for her brother to finish college and become a doctor or a lawyer one day. Angel knows that their parents would be happily looking down on them from heaven when that happens in the future. Her brother’s dream though is to become a singer just like Angel but Angel insists that he takes on another road. But who knows? One day, we might just see Angel singing with her brother on TV. That would be a delightful sight, don’t you think?


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