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Online Sexual Harassment-What Everyone Needs to Know

Saturday, December 7th 2013. | Legal

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. Thanks to the Internet, some are now being accused of an online version of this crime. Online sexual harassment involves the use of sexual e-mails, instant messages or postings in a forum to threaten or distress one or more parties. The messages may contain text, images or actions, but are sexually provocative or explicit. Although physical actions aren’t an issue in this situation, sexual harassment may still occur. If you are the victim of a crime of this type, seek the services of sexual harassment lawyers right away.

Many are under the assumption they have to know the party doing the harassing to file a claim. This is not true as some choose to harass people randomly. In many cases, blog comments, online video and computer games and online groups are used to harass another although people are finding new ways to commit this crime online every day. In many cases, this harassment may appear to be anonymous and yet sexual harassment lawyers may be able to track down the perpetrator.

The first step a person should take when he or she becomes a victim of online sexual harassment is to immediately request the person stop all future communications. It is best to state all future communications rather than limiting it to just those which are sexual in nature. Make sure to keep a copy of all communications between you and the other party so, if the harassment continues, you have proof that you have requested it stop and have done so in writing. You may also wish to contact one or more sexual harassment lawyers for further advice.

If the harassment continues after this request has been made, an official complaint needs to be filed. This may be done through the employer, the computer administrator, the website owner or the messaging service. Any threats of assault or violence need to be reported to law enforcement so further action may be taken. A sexual harassment attorney can be of great assistance in helping you stop the abuse and harassment as most jurisdictions have laws in place for this type of cyber crime.


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