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Los Angeles harassment action taken for Lisa

Friday, November 29th 2013. | Legal

Lisa was an employee at a hotel in Irvine.  She had been working at the hotel in Irvine for two and a half years, holding the position of group reservations coordinator.  Her duties included but were not limited to booking reservations, research trending events, attend conferences, produce revenue reports, and bill customers.  Throughout her employment at the hotel, she had always demonstrated dedication to her job and the customers.  In fact, Lisa had accumulated quite a collection of letters from her supervisors, praising her for her ability to multitask and prioritize her time.  Recently however, Lisa had been having issues with her boss Bob.  Bob just filed for a divorce from his wife and was back in the dating scene.  He would make sexual comments to Lisa, telling her that she could have him, now that he was single.  Finding this to be extremely awkward, Lisa tried to ignore the comments yet he continued to find ways to make her feel uncomfortable.  During work hours, Bob would find excuses for Lisa to bend over and retrieve miscellaneous items so that he could stare at her buttocks.  When he was not asking her to retrieve items by bending over, he would walk behind her in the halls and whistle at her.  After telling Bob numerous times to stop without seeing any change in behavior, Lisa went to the Human Resources department and filed an official complaint against Bob.  She was suspended during the investigation for two weeks without pay until they called Lisa and told her that her services were no longer needed.  This is a possible example of sexual harassment and wrongful termination within the workplace and could possibly be taken to Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers for a potential lawsuit.


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