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Harden 31 9 +7 +6 +7 Jeremy Lin Rockets Hornets escapement for two -game winning streak – the book h

Saturday, October 19th 2013. | Sports & Athletics

1 Wednesday morning, more than 104 rockets at home to beat the Hornets 92 to obtain two-game winning streak. This is the rocket in nearly 11 games against teams eighth victory, the two teams this season has had a fight, when the Rockets to 100 to 96 victory over the Hornets, the Hornets lost the game suffered after nearly 16 games The first defeat in 14 games.

match, Harden under the H-31 points 7 assists, Jeremy Lin scored nine points and seven assists, 21 points and eight rebounds Asik, wholesale jerseys, Parsons 10 points and 10 rebounds, 15 points and 10 Patterson rebounds. Hornets side, Gordon again truce, Anthony – Davis had eight points and seven rebounds, Robin – Lopez had 12 points and eight rebounds, Vasquez had 15 points and 14 assists, Ryan – Anderson 18 points .

Like when dealing with the first rocket with the game between the Hornets situation changes very quickly. Section IV rockets start leading 10 points, but three minutes of time, Vasquez, Aminu and Jason – Smith helped the Hornets will be sent out to only 1 point. Patterson with two connections to help the Rockets Jeremy Lin stabilize the situation. Unexpectedly, the Hornets completely throw open threes, the audience voted two thirds in eight Ryan – Anderson hit the third, the Hornets tied the score. Critical moment, Harden and Jeremy Lin continuous manufacturing free throws, hit a key cast Jeremy Patterson hit the corner three, the Rockets lead to 11 points in one fell swoop, a foregone conclusion.

In fact, the Rockets did not need to win so hard that they have established in Sections III and IV 10 + lead. 5 points lead at halftime just in case, the rocket began to force in the third quarter, Sportfansjerseys.com, opening the second half shortly after the rocket blasted a wave of 10 two small climax, will be sent quickly widened to 10 +. Harden hit consecutive layups, Asik also labeled 2 +1, leading the Rockets to 12 points 62 to 50. Most of the time this section, the Rockets always lead around 10 minutes, although Vasquez and Aminu had before the end of the third quarter will be sent out to six points, but Parsons’ buzzer layup or let the rocket in three 8 points ahead of the end.

before entering the second half, the Rockets did not enter into their familiar rhythm, the first section of the game, their offensive pace slowed down by his opponent, although once rely on free throws Asik dunks + 4 points ahead, but soon , champion Lang Davis led the team took advantage to score the go-ahead jumper. Teams were always deadlocked, the points difference has been hovering between 2 minutes to four minutes, before the end of the first section of 1 minute 23 seconds, Parsons layup, the Rockets lead 2 minutes, but the last one minute Hornets Jason – Smith scoring, leading the Hornets to become masters end of the first section.

Hornets lead lasted just four minutes, second 8 minutes 26 seconds, Patterson second attack succeeded, the Rockets ahead, the first half this last eight half minutes, the Rockets never trailed . Jeremy gorgeous layup + third, Harden dunks, leading the Rockets to 41 than 35 6 points. Before halftime 1 minute 24 seconds, Harden made two free throws, the Rockets lead to seven points, the first half leading the Rockets to 49 than 44.

Finally, by virtue of Section III of the force, as well as the stability of the performance of fourth moments of life and death, the Rockets win at home to obtain two-game winning streak, and gave his opponent nearly 16 game’s first defeat in 14 games.