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Finding Parallels Between Messages and Life

Friday, November 29th 2013. | Software

Make Use Of Business SMS And Reduce Your Costs

Managers of businesses are said to usually associate SMS with marketing and its campaigns for promotion and strategies in engaging with the users of handsets so as to make them aware of the services and items offered and to finally let these people purchase such.

But, at the most recent times, for these business managers, online sms have played a greater role on this especially that companies are searching for ways that can lessen their costs and expenses. If we deal with business SMS, this has been said to have a great impact on the company whereby this can assist in having more savings on costs.

With this matter, through the use of online sms, what process is followed that can enable the company to have a lesser cost on expenditures? The conventional ways in communicating like the use of letters and telephone and the use of online sms are what we should take a good look into and compare.

When we send letter, this will take so much of our time and is costly as well. For example, there are associations for housing that send out reminder letters for payment to the people renting the area who were behind in their payments. We can immediately say that we can save up so much when we send out online sms since this will only cost around five p in comparison with those costs reaching to around fifty p which will be spent on the printing, packing and other things needed to send out a letter.

Not only will there be a cheaper cost involved when it comes to sending out online sms, but also the response rate for this especially when sending this out to the tenants is way quicker as compared to those letters being sent. The percentage of people who will respond within a matter of two hours after receiving such online sms is around eighty four percent.

A maintenance fitter will be required to visit the area, when there will be an issue about a leak in the water system. With an appointment set, in three days time, such visit will happen. For the reason that, upon arrival, nobody was home the expert who will do the maintenance at the home of the tenant will have to reschedule due to the reason that an online sms was not used.

What can reduce the number of no show of the tenants and thus, greatly have a reduction in the costs of meetings that are missed is the use of this online sms sent out as reminders on meetings. Through sending reminders on appointments or meetings a day before it was scheduled can reduce around twenty five percent of a no show of the people by which this was the results shown on a research conducted.

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