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Expert Lakers front four is purely delusional playoffs worrying

Sunday, November 24th 2013. | Sports & Athletics

94-100 loss to the Lakers yesterday Knights lost three straight, the record of 9 wins and 13 losses temporarily, ranked fourth from the bottom in the West. The season as much as a half, the Lakers still disappointing performance, even the local media in Los Angeles “Los Angeles Times” is also disappointed in the current team, in their view, the Lakers according to current performance is simply not five of the western.

currently Lakers record of 9 wins and 13 losses ranked first in the west from San Antonio (18 wins, 4 losses) have nine wins poor, cheap nhl jerseys, then until the Western Conference championship in claiming to fight for what they can do? Perhaps the reason the Lakers, that is, Nash and Gasol back, but the current Lakers’ performance, their problem is not that two players can be solved comeback. While the western win, all the more impossible.

Spurs victory so far is 81.8%, according to this winning they will get 67 wins this season, if they have been able to maintain this winning, then the Lakers this season, wholesale nhl jerseys, the next game to get the 58 wins, 2 losses to catch up with the Spurs. Even if the Spurs winning next race in only 70%, then they can go to 60 wins. The Lakers want to catch up, the next step is to get at least 51 wins and 9 losses perfect record.

But all the performance from the current Lakers, it seems very difficult.

If the Spurs out of reach, then take a look at five other western teams. Thunder current record is 17 wins and 4 losses, in order to catch up with the Lakers is also very difficult. Grizzlies 14 wins and 4 losses, the Clippers record is 15 wins and 6 losses, both teams for the Lakers, but also to go beyond some adjustments need to be made, and even currently ranked fifth in the Warriors (14-7) Lakers are difficult to cross the threshold.

on the above four teams, the Warriors ranked last election, their current winning percentage is 66.7 percent, according to the Los Angeles Lakers winning the next so get at least 46 wins and 14 losses record in order to squeeze out rivals. And even if the Warriors next game state has dropped, can only win half of the game, then they can get 44 wins and 38 losses record, so that the rest of the Lakers won 60 games in 35 games it can be more than the opponent.

Even if the Lakers two players back from injury, they can achieve the best regular season ranked sixth in the West might only be the location of the. Currently the top eight teams of the last three seasons is not very good, jazz is 12 wins and 10 losses, the Mavericks is 11 wins and 10 losses, Denver is 11 wins, 11 losses, the Lakers are not much difference with them. Although Jazz beat the Lakers twice this season, but the gap between the two sides but also three wins it.

But there are also a good side, now just the NBA early, the Lakers still have some time to make adjustments to improve their performance. However, if in the next 10 games, they then lost seven games, then, in order to achieve the above said it probably really hard on the sky it. Therefore, paclitaxel army to do now is to perk up, first try to win more victories. And if you are still thinking about the playoffs, home field advantage thing, obviously not wise behavior.

Lakers tomorrow will usher in the eastern road trip in the second game, play against the Knicks, and now the Lakers are three game losing streak, the Knicks two-game winning streak. They have to do is to first stop losing streak.