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Could Your Mouthwash be the Cure to Athlete’s Foot?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 | Free Classified

(upbeat music) (audience clapping) – It’s time to set the record straight, on another forwarded email you may receive with some outrageous health claims, and Stuff My Mom Forwards Me .

This one in particular reads, “Your mouthwash could serve double duty “and help prevent
embarrassing athlete’s foot.

“Soak a cotton ball and
swab bottom of feet, “and in-between toes to help
ward off fungal infections!” There’s theoretically some truth to this.

– Yeah, sometimes mama is right.

– Yeah, but the caveat here
it depends on the mouthwash, alcohol-based mouthwash, which I know a lot of dentists
don’t recommend anymore, that alcohol is an antiseptic, it can kill off bacteria, fungi,
they cause athlete’s foot, you think it might work? – I don’t have athlete foot.

– I don’t think it’s work as well as dymo.

(laughter) You don’t go for that athlete’s foot.

– I don’t yeah.

– That doesn’t look good
in those heels of yours.

– Do you ever walk – And if I do get it, I’ll never tell.

(audience laughing and clapping) – Let’s move on to an email question, we received from Stephanie.

“Doctors, I had my child in 2013, “but my breast still have a
white discharge substance, “of what could be milk.

“It’s super embarrassing, “and I won’t take my shirt
off when I’m intimate, “why is this happening, and
is there anything I can do, “to make it stop?” Dr.

Nita? – Okay, so she’s experiencing something called galactorrhea, and that spontaneous flow
of like a milky substance from the breast, when you’re not pregnant, and you’re not breastfeeding.

So it could be due to a
lot of different causes.

It could be a side effect of medications such as birth control
pills, antidepressants, antipsychotics, things like that.

It can also be due to
excessive nipple stimulation, like with sexual intercourse and things, and it can also be because of a disorder of the pituitary gland, so there could be an imbalance in a hormone called prolactin, so that hormone can be elevated, and that’s associated with
the production of breast milk.

So I think she’s had this for a long time, she definitely needs to see a doctor, and things you wanna think about, like reasons to see a doctor, anytime you’re having a lot of discharge, or you’re having nipple discharge, you want to get that
evaluated if it’s bloody, if it’s yellow or clear,
definitely go in and get it seen, if you feel a breast lump,
if you have headache, visual changes, changes in your period, anything that’s concerning,
it’s not always something bad, it can be benign, so your
body just may be a little more sensitive to the hormone prolactin, and that could be causing it.

But you definitely want to just go, and have it checked out by your doctor, if there is an underlying cause, then your doctor can address that, and that can reverse the nipple discharge.

But we want her to feel
good about herself, we want her to be able
to take her shirt off, so yeah, girl, go get it seen, go get it checked out.

(audience clapping) – Good stuff.

Thanks Dr.



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