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Athlete’s Foot Leads to Abscess Drain

Thursday, April 15th, 2021 | Health Care & Medical

– Hey everybody, we are here with a very hard worker.

He is working construction downtown on Centerpoint, which we are very excited about that.

Side note, he’s actually dealing, and has been dealing with athlete’s foot infection, so it’s very important to clean and make sure it’s dry between the toes, because what’s happened, if you want to kind of
take it a bit closer, is the athlete’s foot caused the crack from maceration, which maceration typically is white, that
where the skin cracked he got bacterial infection.

So, as you can see this is very, very painful for him, so, what we’re going to do is drain out as much as we can, and focus on getting the infection out.

So, enjoy! Okay.

It’s just like, if you have a blister.

It’s like popping a blister.

– [Patient] Yeah, but, (groans).

I tried to pop that myself, and let me tell ya.

– You feeling anything? Pressure’s okay, remember that? – Yeah.

(aah) – Just think about how much better you’re going to feel.

How we doing? – Good, so far.

– So far, so good? Well, I think you’re more numb than you thought you were.


– [Ghost Voice] So, working construction, this is definitely something that is a danger.

Is that correct, Dr.

(mumbles)? – Absolutely, so important.

What I’m doing is I’m just milking it out, okay? – [Patient] I need to carry extra socks every day.

– You carry extra socks.

That’s smart, also making sure your feet, – [Patient] I change them at least once a day, because when you’re walking around out there your feet sweat really bad and they expect you to wear boots, because you
have to wear boots on site.

So, I change my socks once a day.

– [Ghost Voice] That’s the best advice that you can give.

Isn’t it doctor? You say that all the time.

– Absolutely.

– [Patient] I actually have an
extra pair in my pocket box.

– [Doctor] And the thing is athlete’s foot, a lot of people don’t think it’s anything major, but you know, it can get to like this.

You doing okay, Bud? – [Patient] So far, so good.

– [Doctor] So far, so good.

– [Patient] It’s tolerable for right now.

– [Doctor] Good, like I told you before this is going to be really raw.

Did you get that em, you okay? – [Patient] Uh huh.

– [Ghost voice] Did you
get that tissue forceps? About those, do you want
to get your nippers? – [Doctor] No.

You’re good, you’re fine.

I’ll show you what it is.

Okay, so what happens is, if we do not drain this infectious fluid out, this will continue to travel up into the body and can become a systemic infection.

Systemic infection is, okay, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, diarrhea, things like that.

This gentleman has suffered from a little nausea yesterday.

He had a really bad headache.

So, we’re not sure how much of that is from the headache and he did have lack of appetite.

So, we know that this is definitely more.

How you doing? – [Patient] Still good.

– [Doctor] Looking right, – [Patient] I can definitely feel a lot of pressure.

– [Doctor] You’re definitely not going back to work until this is healed.

A lot of it is out, which is good because now we’re starting to see normal color of blood, and our construction is still going on for all of our viewers.

We’re getting close.


– [Patient] Can’t let (mumbles)(chuckles) – [Doctor] They are, alright, so you can see easily how all this skin was continuing to macerate.

– [Patient] (groaning) – [Doctor] You’re okay.

– [Patient] I probably
should have (mumbles).

– [Doctor] You’re fine, you’re fine.

– [Patient] (sighs) – [Doctor] Okay, doing good.

Alright, good! Alright, alright let’s go ahead and get this cleaned up, and then we’ll get you wrapped up.

Athlete’s foot infection, please don’t let it go this long because, of course, he got a really bad bacterial infection that led to an abcess, so, better be safe than sorry.

If you’re concerned you have athlete’s foot infection, just call us, come in, we’ll take a quick peek.

And make sure you don’t end up like this poor gentleman.

Alright, see ya soon.

(bright music)


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