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A Surprising Treatment for Athlete’s Foot?

Monday, April 19th, 2021 | Free Classified

it’s time to set the record straight on another forwarded email you may have received with some outrageous health claims and stuff my mom fors me this one in particular reads your mouth wash could serve double duty and help prevent embarrassing athlete’s foot soak a cotton ball and swab bottom of feet and between toes to help ward off fungal infections there’s theoretically some truth to this shortly because that’s right yeah but the caveat here is it depends on the mouthwash alcohol-based mouthwash which will let me know a lot of dentists don’t recommend anymore that alcohol is an antiseptic you can kill off bacteria fungi that cause athlete’s foot so why not what about the herbal preparations if you guys tried the ones with the menthol eucalyptus I used a side path leads foot you think in my work I don’t have that I don’t think it’s work as well dime off or that I don’t that doesn’t look good in those heels years do you ever walk do you ever I do get it I’ll never tell


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