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A great success with Logan Riese

Friday, October 18th 2013. | Miscellaneous

I could already hear the sound of motorcycles getting nearer and the people who have been waiting for it have gone wild. It was the highlight of the fashion show and the men and women in motorcycles were starting to appear one by one on the lower stage right in front of thousands of spectators. I could already see that the fashion show was really a great success even if it has not ended yet. The audience has really gone wild as the motorcycle came in one by one and the young men and women in custom leather jackets each posed in different angles. They all looked so fabulous and attractive. Each jacket is different from the other although at first glance, they all looked the same. But if you really look closely, you could see that each of them is carefully made and intricately designed. Each has its own touch of elegance and class to it that really fits the model. And who else have that kind of work but Logan Riese? The result was indeed breath-taking. They were able to capture each of the eyes of everyone present in the room. There were 8 men and 8 women in total, all of them were lavishly clad in shiny and glittering outfit underneath the custom leather jackets. I am almost sure now that the event would appear on the front pages of the entertainment sections of the newspaper tomorrow morning. I bet, the organizers are already looking forward to the big celebration of tonight’s success.


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